Things Connected Bournemouth

Net Sensors manages the Things Connected Bournemouth Programme.

Things Connected is an initiative by Digital Catapult to support UK businesses using LPWAN technologies. It is a free-to-use network for the experimenting and prototyping of new IoT products and services that can benefit from the unique features of LoRaWAN and SigFox.

WND the Sigfox operator for the UK has now rolled out LPWAN capability across the borough on behalf of the Things Connected programme and the network is now available free to use for non commercial, pilot and trial use.


Things Connected Bournemouth are running innovation programmes for start-ups and small businesses where they can access industry mentors, as well as commercial and academic expertise to help them bring their products to market.


Bluefox Development Kit

Bluefox opens up unique possibilities for IOT ecosystems

Bluefox v2.4 is the first Bluetooth enabled Sigfox development platform that effectively opens up the local environment to multi sensor solutions.

The Bluefox development platform is perfect for developing IOT solutions ranging from assisted living environments where more than one type of sensor is required to low power tracking solutions that scan Wi-Fi mac addresses for resolution by google locate.

The development platform consists of a Sigfox modem, a dual core processor supporting 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi in both station and access point modes and a 2.4Ghz Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy radio. The 4MB of flash memory provides plenty of space for customer specific applications and data storage prior to aggregation processing and communication.


Bluefox SDK and development resources onĀ  GitHub